Similar to any modern nightclub, the Lounge is made up of several areas, each with it’s own personality. From the underground street feel of the Machine Room to the chic boardroom feel of The Chalk Room, these interweaving areas work well to create that extra element of interest.

The Lounge

This is the main lounge area which cleverly has all other areas merging into it. It encompasses the bar and given its size, has the ability to house the largest volume of people. The DJ booth overlooks this area, giving yet another dimension to the room.

The Cell

A sexy, dark, plush and compact space designed with the Voyeur in mind. View others throughout the venue on split-screen monitors, broadcasting multiple images from hidden infra-red cameras without them even knowing.

The Observatory

Watch the stars on the silver screen in this lush 6.7m cinema room located on the mezzanine floor. This room can be isolated from the rest of the Lounge using the integrated motorized wall, which opens to reveal an elevated view of the ground floor and main Lounge area.

The Chalk Room

Here we have applied the technology to a chic, boardroom setting. It demonstrates items such as various types of speakers, a concealed plasma, drop down projector and screen, and is home to an oversize chalkboard paying homage to the oldschool days.

The Machine Room

This is the brain of the Technology Lounge. It is industrial in its feel because it exposes beams and cables and houses the main hardware that drives the entire showroom. Complete with exposed metal beams, graffiti walls, original Nintendo and retro caroma stools this area is for the underground yet uber-cool person. Care for a few hours worth of Mario?

The Bathrooms

Yes, even these haven’t escaped our technology and imaginations. QR codes on the toilet doors indicate the gender with technological style. With an LCD screen cleverly hidden beind the mirror, CCTV screens in the toilets and sensor and automated everything, you will find every excuse to keep using the bathroom.

The BUNKER (Our Office)

It’s a cool place to work all day, but you’ll never get to see it! Located in the deep, dark corners of the Lounge, this room has no windows and is shut off from the outside world and prying eyes by electronically locked doors. Boasting a seperate sound system from the rest of the venue, this room ensures that an endless array of music is constantly playing to keep the creativity flowing.