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Music Distribution Systems

Whole House Music Distribution

Music distribution system

Control any music in any room

Multi-room audio, as it’s also known, involves the designation of audio ‘zones’ both inside and out, connected to music sources such as a personal digital music library, streaming services like Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, CD players and radio tuners.  Different areas can enjoy different content at once, or the whole system can be synchronised to a large, whole-house, party mode.

Speakers are generally unobtrusively flush-mounted in ceiling, walls, or joinery, or they can even be completely invisible.

Control is simple, using your smart phone or tablet, simply pick a room, then pick a song!  Intuitive software Apps have all but replaced the keypad-on-wall music systems of the past, allowing effortless manipulation of zones, playlists & volume, whether you’re in a comfy chair, entertaining outdoors or lazing by the pool.