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Home Security Systems & Surveillance

Home Security Systems

Enjoy peace of mind with an integrated home security & surveillance system

At a most basic level home security systems consist of a keypad, siren, and sensors to deter & detect unwanted intrusion.

When integrated with other systems such as lighting, access control & surveillance however, a security system becomes a critical control component; adding convenience, efficiency & comfort.  Lighting scenes can be activated by the status of the alarm, heating & cooling can be adjusted based on room occupancy & service access codes can be restricted by time of day or Arm-level.

Modern security products can also facilitate keypad, card reader & bio-metric access control; allowing for keyless entry.  Additionally, many are equipped with sophisticated Apps & software; allowing the user to remotely monitor the system in real time & check alarm history from wherever they may be.


Taking security to another level, adding surveillance or CCTV cameras is becoming increasingly popular.  With recent, big improvements in image quality, it’s now possible to have discrete, high definition cameras in and around the home as a deterrent, and to record unwanted activity should it occur.

Recording & playback of footage is automatic and easy, using simple apps & software that also allow real-time monitoring from anywhere. When integrated with intercom or security this provides additional benefits, such as automatically displaying the entry camera when a doorbell is pressed, or pushing a video clip to your phone when the alarm is triggered.